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Buy Quick and Safely ! is specialised in the Best 3D Deep Searching gold detectors, ground radar systems and other professional gold detectors for treasure hunters and archaeologists word wilde. We ship our products all over the world , Holland, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Philippines, Libya, Africa etc. etc.

A 3D metal or gold detector allows you to scan the ground many meter deep for metals and cavities . 3D detectors are used to detect buried treasures and other valuables deep in the earth. Also underground tunnels , caves and tombs can be detected .
The depth a 3D detector search in depends on the brand and type of detector .

While most hobby metal detectors stops at 1 to 1.5 meter
most 3D detectors can detect up to 12 meters deep into the ground.

Here at you can find 3D detectors starting at 2150,- euro up to 35.000 euro.

We are official dealer of OKM , JeoSystems ( Jeohunter and Deep Hunter ) , Nokta Engineering, Easyrad and Image Locators . To make sure we give you the best advice our sales team has followed a special gold detector course .

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We are official Jeohunter, OKM, Nokta, Easyrad and Image locators dealer and  sell original equipment with warranty and after-sales.

In the menu left you can find our best and most professional systems, like the:

Jeohunter basic and Jeohunter 3D dual
Deephunter basic and pro
OKM Evolution
– OKM Rover serie, like the Rover CII
– OKM EXP 4000 and EXP 5000
OKM Waterfinder
– The Rayfinder from Image Locators
– The Easyrad Ground Penetrating Radar

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New GOLDDETECTOR FORS GOLD for the African Market: is certificated OKM dealer 


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In the beginning of 2014 we moved our 3D golddetector showroom and office to a bigger location.














NEW: Easyrad Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), perfect for treasure hunting, archaeological purposes, detection bunkers and tunnels, etc ! 














The OKM factory,  producer of the best professional 3D gold detectors from Germany.

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“Gold Detector 3D” sells high-quality 3D gold detectors. 
In some countries, the possession and / or use of a gold detector is prohibited; we accept no liability related to this.
Due to legal clauses, we are not allowed  export gold detectors to: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Morocco.