Nokta Golden King DPR Plus

Unique, Deep Penetrating Treasure and Cache Detector


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Export price: 4130,- euro for the Nokta Golden King DPR Plus

Price for EU costumers: 4999,- euro for the Nokta Golden King DPR Plus

Golden King is a unique, deep penetrating, treasure and cache detector and it is equipped with features offered by no other detectors. These features allow users to easily detect targets at depths that other detectors cannot reach, in any kind of environment.

Thanks to its 3 different search coils and deep penetration, Golden King detects deeply buried metals as well as caches and voids such as caves, cellars, tunnels, shelters, and graves. Additionally, thanks to its superior technology, not only it draws the 3D graph of the target it detects but it also gives the discrimination and the estimated depth reading to its user.


The most striking feature of the system is the 3D digital signal processing function, which no other detector manufactured to retrieve underground data has achieved up to date. As seen in the sample pictures, Golden King draws the 3D graph of the signal in real-time and displays it on the screen.

On the same screen, it shows the estimated depth and discrimination information of the target signal. You can rotate the 3D graph by using the keypad and analyze it from different angles and you can save these images and view them again whenever you want.



Golden King has superior metal discrimination. It discriminates between ferrous, alloy, steel, non-ferrous and gold. Additionally, it can detect two different metals in close proximity. Furthermore, it detects caches and voids such as caves, cellars, tunnels, shelters, and graves and the metals inside them. When Golden King detects metal inside a void, it displays the 3D graph of both the metal and the void on the screen.


Golden King offers 3 different sized search coils to its users:

General Search Coil: Sensitive to both small and large metals, this search coil provides an easy and comfortable use on all types of ground.

Surface Search Coil: It is more sensitive to small and shallow metals and it provides a more convenient use in trashy fields.

Deep Search Coil: Having an unmatchable depth, this search coil is designed specifically for larger or deeper metals.




Golden King has 10 language options. Once the language is selected, all the menus of the system are displayed in that language. This way, the user operates the system easily and comfortably.
English, German, French, Spanish, Russian,Bulgarian, Greek, Arabic, Persian and Turkish…


 The quality of the signal obtained from ground and processed is determined by its clarity and stability. All detectors and coils are affected negatively by climatic and environmental factors. D.I.S.S. technology filters the effect as a result of these factors, and increases the quality of the signal. It enables you to search uninterruptedly by constantly checking the ground .




There may be a lot of ferrous trash in the detection field. By activating the ‘Ferrous Reject’ feature on the Golden King, you can enable your detector to eliminate ferrous metals. As a result, you can search more conveniently and save time.






Golden King has a 480X800 pixel high resolution TFT display. Its high resolution enables you to see metal detections and 3D graphs more clearly and not miss any details when using the night vision camera.





Sun mode provides easier reading and viewing when the sunlight
is intense, thus affecting the screen visibility. The sun mode can be used in all the menu interfaces of the Golden King metal detector.




This night vision video camera that can capture images underwater or on land has a very high display quality. You can record videos even in pitch darkness, save them and watch them at a later time. 30 meter (100ft.) cable length allows you to easily view caves, tunnels, cellars, wells, sea, lakes etc.


The Golden King™ gas sensor detects methane, a gas dangerous to human health and found in confined spaces. If there is methane present in the area, the system detects it and displays a warning message on the screen.


One of the other features that the Golden King offers its users is the search screen interfaces. You can see metal and void detections clearly on screen as a result of these interfaces designed in 2 different forms: GAUGE and DIGITAL. Also, by following the target signal strength on these screens you can determine the peak point and thus easily pinpoint the target.


These measurements are generated in a lab environment. This data may vary in the field (positively or negatively ) based on metal type, ground structure, mineralization, surrounding conditions and how long the metal has been underground. Metals that that have been in the ground a long time create an electromagnetic field around them making them appear much larger than they actually are to detectors. This is called the “halo effect”. Once the soil is disturbed (upon digging the target), the halo effect is gone and detectors may not detect the metal anymore. GOLDEN KING can detect large metals at greater depths provided that the halo effect is present and all other conditions are ideal.


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